Zero Trust security: A Microsoft Approach

What is this “Zero Trust” everyone is talking about these days? Under what rock has this term been hiding all the time? What “Zero trust” means anyway? The zero-trust concept or, the concepts that zero trust encompasses, are not new at all. During the Jericho Forum in 2003, the term de-perimeterisation was discussed – ways to protect an organization’s data and systems’ boundary by removing a boundary between outside networks and an organization and protecting…

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Azure Security Center News and Enhancements

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We are already two weeks into year 2021 and the dust has not settled yet from last September 22-24, where we witnessed the first part of Microsoft Ignite conference as a fully digital event. There have been a lot of news and announcements made at the recent event and we already covered Azure Sentinel news in this article. The second part of Microsoft Ignite is March 2-4, 2021. – similarly, it will be a digital…

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Actionable Guide to Microsoft Azure Security Concerns

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Microsoft Azure platform offers vast number of services and solutions, offering massive possibilities to solve business problems combining various Azure services and products. Microsoft cloud computing platform are likely to be less expensive and more flexible, more reliable, and more secure than on-premises servers and solutions. Security is a key focus of Microsoft Azure who invests enormous amounts of money into securing its infrastructure - more than 1 billion USD (yes, that is 1,000 millions…

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Azure Security Center – Regulatory Standards

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I’ve been following the development of the Azure Security Center (ASC) from the very beginning, since its birthday. We can debate whether ASC’s birthday is the date it was announced or the date it went into Public Preview - the first is September 29th, 2015. and the latter is December 1st in the same year - but one thing is sure, I am always excited to see new features added to ASC. The journey was…

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