Hi, I’m Sasha, a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Microsoft Regional Director (RD), Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), MCT Regional Lead, Certified EC-Council Instructor (CEI); frequent speaker at numerous international conferences, events, and user groups; book author.

I’m a Security and Cloud person, Cloud Security Architect, Instructor/Trainer, entrepreneur, consultant, IT architect and engineer.

CEO of Kloudatech, an IT training and consulting company, which is a Microsoft Partner, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner, and CompTIA Authorized Delivery Partner.

CEO of Kranjac Consulting and Training, which is also a consulting and engineering company, specialised in cloud security architecture, civil engineering, and CAD design.

My companies and I are dedicated to empowering professionals and organisations worldwide to learn, get the most out of, be effective and stay secure in the Cloud.

We specialise on cloud security architecture, consulting, and training, and provide Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC), CompTIA, EC-Council and our own bespoke Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Windows, and (Cyber)Security courses and PowerClass Workshops internationally.

To be able to teach vendor courses, I must be certified in the technology I am teaching, that is, I had to take and pass certification exams. Over the years I have taken (and passed!) more than 100 exams and earned closely the same number of certifications from different vendors: Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), CompTIA, Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) and more.

Well, it started like this…

I want to be a cowboy! That was years ago. Then my mum and dad explained to me we might have some problems keeping horses in an apartment.

I like stars, planets, galaxies, universe… stars are beautiful if you observe them in an environment without light pollution. Hm, even if I were an astronaut I could never travel to another galaxy. I want to be a pilot, then! Not even close to an astronaut but exciting enough. OK, goal is set, I only must wait and grow old enough. In the meantime, I could read few books that could prepare me to life and to be a pilot. So, I started reading.

While I was reading, suddenly I was nine and fascinated by computers. These mean machines are so powerful and compact and were able to afford one ourselves. We didn’t have to have a small private power plant and room size of a football stadium to have one. I have read that some computers have huge amount of internal memory: even 32 thousands of bytes! (Yes, with three zeros!) The Beast had rubber keyboard and used to connect it to our TV! (Wow! can you imagine that?!…). In a snap I was typing RANDOMIZE USR and POKEed it constantly but to fully exploit it I bought a book (all right, my mum and dad bought it) about Assembler and MOVEed it and PUSHed it left and right for a while. Shortly after I needed screwdriver to adjust head azimuth on Beast’s ‘Portable Storage System’, i.e. tape recorder.

I began programming in Assembler, Pascal, Fortran and, of course, in Basic and C in the 80’s. In the beginning of 90’s met Windows 3.0, Windows NT 3.5, UNIX, and Linux, and was hooked to IT ever since.

Then came second, third, fourth computer… Couple of years later between piloting and civil engineering a was back in business with computers studying for my second, computer science degree, teaching computers skills to kids and adults, consulting, training IT professionals, explaining why certification and computers are great.