Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge!

I have created two exciting Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenges to sharpen your skills: Kusto Query Language (KQL) and Azure Data Explorer Cloud Skills Challenge, and Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps Advanced Scenarios Cloud Skills Challenge. In this Kusto Query Language (KQL) Collection you will take an exciting journey and learn how to write Kusto Query Language (KQL) statements to query log data to perform detections, analysis, and reporting in Sentinel, Azure Data Explorer, and…

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Packt Publishing Interview with Sasha Kranjac

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In connection to my recently published book, "Microsoft Defender for Cloud Cookbook", Packt Publishing recently published an interview with me, and I'd like to take an opportunity to repost it. Sasha Kranjac is the author of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Cookbook; we got the chance to sit down with him and find out more about him experience of writing with Packt. Q: What are your specialist tech areas?Sasha: Security – cloud and hybrid Q: How did you become an…

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Microsoft Passwordless Authentication: The End of Passwords?

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Passwords have been with us for ages. In early 60s, at MIT, researchers started to explore possible ways to enable computer systems to tell the difference between users who were using the systems, or to find a way to identify, or verify that the users are who they say they are, that is - to authenticate users. In 1961 an MIT employee printed a list of passwords and distributed it to other users - it…

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Zero Trust security: A Microsoft Approach

What is this “Zero Trust” everyone is talking about these days? Under what rock has this term been hiding all the time? What “Zero trust” means anyway? The zero-trust concept or, the concepts that zero trust encompasses, are not new at all. During the Jericho Forum in 2003, the term de-perimeterisation was discussed – ways to protect an organization’s data and systems’ boundary by removing a boundary between outside networks and an organization and protecting…

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Azure Security Center News and Enhancements

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We are already two weeks into year 2021 and the dust has not settled yet from last September 22-24, where we witnessed the first part of Microsoft Ignite conference as a fully digital event. There have been a lot of news and announcements made at the recent event and we already covered Azure Sentinel news in this article. The second part of Microsoft Ignite is March 2-4, 2021. – similarly, it will be a digital…

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