Azure Sentinel – Cloud Guardian

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Azure Sentinel is Microsoft’s recent addition to a hybrid cloud security landscape – it is designed to provide cloud-enabled intelligent analytics not only of your Azure resources, but of on-premises and other cloud resources such as Office 365 and Amazon Web Services as well. Azure Sentinel is Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration Automated Response (SOAR) product, and I hear you say “Oh, no, not another SIEM product”, but unlike other on-premises solutions,…

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Azure Network Watcher: What it watches?

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Today, using Microsoft Azure, setting up computing environments is easier than ever. You can create multiple networks, subnets, virtual machines, and other numerous networking components in an eyeblink. Managing these complex networks and topologies can become cumbersome and difficult over time. Trying to grasp what-connects-to-what and where exactly that load balancer or subnet is, becomes increasingly difficult in larger environments. Especially when the time comes to troubleshooting and diagnosing problems in such large networks. Microsoft…

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Azure Security Center – Regulatory Standards

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I’ve been following the development of the Azure Security Center (ASC) from the very beginning, since its birthday. We can debate whether ASC’s birthday is the date it was announced or the date it went into Public Preview - the first is September 29th, 2015. and the latter is December 1st in the same year - but one thing is sure, I am always excited to see new features added to ASC. The journey was…

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