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Microsoft Imagine Cup Junior 2024 – AI for Good

I am pleased I was a Judge for “Imagine Cup Junior – AI for Good” competition this year again! I have enjoyed being a Judge for 5+ years now, but this time the focus and theme was “AI for Good”.

I was hugely impressed to see amazing ideas young talents presented – there is so much good that we can do with AI, and these young students’ submissions were inspiring!

Imagine Cup Junior is a global student competition organized by Microsoft, aimed at students aged 5-18.

Competition encourages young minds to learn about technology and apply it to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Here are some key points about Imagine Cup Junior:

  • The competition has into two main categories: students aged 5-12 and those aged 13-18
  • It introduces students to technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cybersecurity.
  • Some of the competitions students focus on are “Technology for Good,” and “AI for Good”, for example
  • Educators and team leaders have access to comprehensive resource pack that includes lessons, student guides, and activity templates to help students learn and develop their projects
  • Students from over one hundred countries participate, highlighting their innovative ideas and solutions.

Imagine Cup Junior is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain valuable skills and experience in technology, fostering innovation and critical thinking from an early age.

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